Anyone can build any Web Application using ELIXIRUnderstand how common developers learned Elixir and built their Web Applications, and become an Expert in Elixir and got their first job with this language.

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I was not giving the right amount of importance for code quality and it was Gustavo and Elxpro that I actually hire those standards so I learn how to proper set up a pipeline of ci and cd, code coverage as much as I can, linking and coding standards so I do thing the ELXPRO COURSE HELPED ME TO CREATE A FIRST VERY GOOD IMPRESSION FOR THOS COMPANIES THAT I COULD ACE IN MOST MY INTERVIEWS and even though I was already coding Elixir for quite some time in my background. I trullybelived that the course will give you this overall idea of how to presente yourself in the entire structure of the project where to put code like, a little code as you can in the controller where to move yout business logic if you are gonna be staying on the context or somewhere else in the code.

I met Elixir and fell in love with the language, I've always folloed the ELXPRO channel on Youtube The videos are amazing, the content is very good. That's why I decided to take the course, the ELXPRO course. And I was very surprised, it's a very cool course. It's a course where you will learn the basics of Elixir, as well as the advanced concepts of Elixir. And the best thing is that you will learn how to build a real project. From initial design of a project to the deployment.

ELXPRO offers more than just educational content; it's a thriving community. Within just three months of studying, Gisandro received invaluable support from fellow developers and secured two job opportunities.

When I joined ELXPRO's bootcamp, I thought it'd be just another course. But the depth of understanding, the vibrant community, and the real-time support from Gustavo and Eduardo transformed my Elixir journey. It's not just about copying code; it's about truly grasping its essence.

Rushikesh, a mobile app developer from India, initially struggling with the official Elixir documentation, he discovered Gustavo's YouTube video and was impressed by his teaching style. Rushikesh enrolled in the course, he dedicated himself fully, completing it in just two months instead of the intended three. Throughout the course, Rishkesh learned essential techniques such as EPI, PL, CI/CD, and TDD, gaining valuable insights and practical experience in project creation and deployment on platforms like Gigalixer and AWS.

Why every developer should embrace ELIXIR

In the ever-evolving world of software development, countless developers find themselves trapped in a cycle of frustration. They grapple with languages that promise efficiency but deliver complexity. They wrestle with unexpected bugs that arise from the smallest oversights, and scalability becomes a dream that's always just out of reach. The constant need to learn and relearn, adapt and readapt, can be exhausting.

But what if there was a language that could alleviate these struggles? A language designed with the modern developer in mind, prioritizing stability, scalability, and simplicity?

Enter Elixir.

Elixir isn't just another programming language; it's a beacon of hope in a sea of complexity. Built on the robust Erlang virtual machine, Elixir offers unparalleled stability. No more unexpected crashes or unpredictable behavior. Its functional programming paradigm ensures that your code is concise, readable, and, most importantly, maintainable.

But the true beauty of Elixir lies in its ability to scale. As your application grows, Elixir grows with it, effortlessly handling increased loads without compromising on performance. And with its elegant syntax, you'll find joy in coding again, reigniting that passion that first drew you to development.

In a world filled with fleeting tech trends, Elixir stands out as a timeless choice. A choice for stability. A choice for scalability. A choice for a brighter, simpler future in software development.

Isn't it time you made the switch?

What is exactly the Elxpro?

ELXPRO is a Proven Plan for your Success with Elixir

Start from scratch with Elixir and add your first app to your portfolio within just one week. Discover a straightforward, three-month roadmap that covers all the essential methods for mastering Elixir.



Principles before ElixirLearn the PPT method principles to build Elixir Apps with Quality


EPI methodYou will feel confident using Elixir, Using Process, and Understanding OTP in a real-word


Behind Phoenix - PEER MethodBe able to build any API using Ecto, external services such as Amazon AWS, Email Services and REST


Simple Deploy apps using: PCD methodDeploy elixir apps with continuous delivery using Gigalixir, Fly and other technologies


Behind LiveView using the PPC methodYou will be able to build any Pages easily that will be easy to scale and very well-tested


Become an Expert Deploying Distributed Elixir APPSLearn process communication, Elixir Nodes, and lib cluster with Kubernetes & Google Cloud for Distributed apps

THE ELXPRO METHOD vs. Other Typical Elixir Courses

Learning Depth:

Comprehensive, covering various aspects of Elixir

Often limited to isolated modules on Elixir, OTP, Phoenix

Test-Driven Development (TDD):

Includes in-depth TDD training

Tends to lack a strong focus on TDD

Continuous Integration (CI):

Covers CI with GitHub Actions for efficient workflows

May not provide CI setup guidance

Structured Learning Sequence:

Offers a systematic learning path from beginner to advanced levels

Learning may be fragmented with no clear progression

Distributed Apps:

Teaches building distributed applications in Elixir

Might not emphasize distributed app development

Deployment Expertise:

Covers multiple deployment methods (Fly, Gigalixir, Google Cloud, Kubernetes)

Often lacks detailed deployment guidance

Image Handling:

Includes image upload techniques using S3, Phoenix, and LiveView

May not cover media asset handling extensively

Ecto Database:

Explores Ecto, Elixir's database library in depth

Database-related topics might be limited

Bonus Material:

Offers bonus content to enhance the learning experience

Typically focuses solely on core Elixir topics

Real-World Focus:

Emphasizes practical, real-world applications

May lack a strong focus on real-world scenarios

Everything you get access to:

The Elxpro course offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to crafting web applications using Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView.

Our method is meticulously structured, ensuring you grasp Elixir's intricacies in under three months.

Even more impressively, you'll be launching your inaugural Elixir app in just two weeks.

However, it is not just a course…

The Elxpro community is where everyone using the Elxpro method comes together.

From sharing experiences and Elixir job opportunities to discussing challenges, you'll find both newcomers and experienced developers.

The common thread? We're all here to help and support each other on our Elixir journey.

Alchemist Coffee: Your Brew of Insights! 🍵

Imagine a cozy virtual gathering where all Elxpro students come together. That's Elixir Coffee for you! It's not just a live video call; it's a space to ask those burning questions, dive deep into best practices, share your latest discoveries, and even spark new collaborations.

Thinking about your next big Elixir opportunity? Well, it's always closer when you're in the company of the right folks. Join us and stay connected!

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If, for any reason within 7 days, you feel that this investment is not one of the best you've made in your career, please send me an email, and I will provide you with a full refund of your payment.

Conditional guarantee

If, after three months of applying the course teachings, you find yourself unable to develop a web application on your own, rest assured that I will personally work with you to identify and address the reasons why. I'm so confident in the effectiveness of the course that the risk is all mine!

Introducing Gustavo Oliveira, your Elixir Alchemy Instructor! Gustavo, a seasoned Brazilian developer, is dedicated to sharing his expertise and helping you enhance your Elixir skills. With over a decade of experience in the field, Gustavo has refined his craft and collaborated with clients across the globe.

Captivated by Elixir's power and adaptability, Gustavo set out to educate others. He established two YouTube channels – one in Portuguese and one in English – offering comprehensive tutorials on Elixir best practices, frameworks, and tools for developers of all backgrounds and levels.

Gustavo's exceptional teaching ability and in-depth knowledge make him the ideal mentor for developers at any stage of their journey. Whether you're a beginner seeking to learn a new programming language or an advanced developer looking to expand your skillset, Gustavo is the expert who can guide you to success. By learning from Gustavo, you'll join a thriving community of Elixir enthusiasts, unlocking your potential and becoming an alchemist of web development. Embrace the opportunity and let Gustavo lead you towards Elixir mastery!


Frequently asked questions

ElxPro is an online, practical, and highly intense training to achieve the best elixir developer profile in 3 months. At ELXPRO, you go deep into Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Liveview technologies, Unit Tests, CI and CD practices, and an entire ecosystem of these technologies, from scratch to cloud deployment and best practices. Including automated tests, continuous integration, and essential frameworks for those who want to be ready for real-world challenges, stand out in the job market, and even develop their own projects.

Absolutely! The goal of this training is to give you hands-on experience with real-world scenarios to build your applications. You will learn the best practices and frameworks while focusing on practical application.

You will have access to the training for one year, allowing you to watch and re-watch the material as many times as you need. If you wish to continue accessing the updated content and the Discord community, you can renew your subscription at a special price.

Once you enroll in the course, you will gain access to a Discord community where I will personally answer any questions or address any struggles you may face. Additionally, I may schedule Zoom calls with you and other students to help with specific questions or issues.

If you are already familiar with another programming language, this course will still be valuable to you as it focuses on Elixir’s unique features and how it can benefit your development work.

Certainly! While our course covers the fundamentals of Elixir, we also delve into more advanced topics that even experienced developers will find valuable. You’ll have the opportunity to explore complex concepts, best practices, and advanced techniques that can enhance your existing Elixir skills. Some of the advanced topics that will be covered: LIBCLUSTER, Kubernetes, Realtime using Distributed nodes, Deploy, Securities and much more!

Absolutely! Our course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced developers. We start from the basics, ensuring that even if you’re new to Elixir, you’ll be able to grasp the concepts and techniques. As you progress through the course, you’ll build a strong foundation in Elixir programming, allowing you to confidently create applications and tackle more complex challenges. Our step-by-step approach and supportive community will guide you through the learning process, ensuring that you gain a solid understanding of Elixir, regardless of your initial experience level.

We understand the importance of receiving feedback and guidance on your coding journey. Our course comes with access to a vibrant and supportive Discord community where you can share your code, ask questions, and receive valuable feedback from fellow learners and instructors. This community serves as a platform to help you debug issues, discuss best practices, and refine your coding skills. In addition to the community support, you’ll also have the opportunity for one-on-one session (onboarding and Q&A) with Gustavo himself. During this session, you can ask any questions you have, seek clarification on concepts, and even have your code reviewed by an experienced Elixir developer. This personalized interaction ensure that you receive the guidance you need to write clean, efficient, and effective Elixir code that aligns with industry best practices. We’re committed to fostering an environment where you can grow as a developer and continuously improve your coding skills.

We stand behind our course and offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, simply send us an email within this time period, and we will refund 100% of your money.

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Gustavo Oliveira Servicos e Desenvolvimento em TI. CNPJ: 34.009.941-0001/08