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My name is Gustavo, and today we are going to talk about how to get a job with Elixir


That is a frequent question I receive from my students and friends, so I decided to create a post (and a module in the Elxpro Course) to help people with this topic.

I decided to share my experience, questions I made to my alums and friends about soft skills, mindset, and a practical guide to help you in this journey.

What kind of Elixir jobs we have?

We have local Elixir jobs (in your country), abroad jobs, and Freelancer jobs, and you can create the opportunity to work with Elixir.

Create your opportunity

Let’s start talking about this one first. In my first experience with Elixir, I created the opportunity; I had a friend who spent much time in his company checking how many products a specific client has and sending an update. It took too much of his time and his employees. I sold software to help him use Elixir. The advantage of this opportunity is to help someone solve a problem easily and in an interview if you mention it. It will be powerful. I got a job after this project. <3

Local Jobs

I highly recommend you study Elixir and start working with the language because most worldwide jobs will require you to have an experience with Elixir. Embrace the company, and challenge. And if you desire to get a job abroad, take monthly notes on how you helped the company with Elixir.

Jobs Abroad

If you have an experience with Elixir (at least six months) and have enough English communication, you can start searching for this kind of job, and I will share in this article with you some of my experience to get your first job.

What is the best moment to find a job with Elixir?

Do you have at least one year of experience with software development? If so, You can start your career as an Elixir engineer. I am saying it because most companies are looking for people with at least experience as a software engineers.

Do you understand the core of the language? I mean the basic of Elixir, Pattern Matchings, Ecto, Phoenix

If so, there were interviews in that I shared some apps of my portfolio, and they did not for a test, coding challenge, and this kind of stuff.

Creating an APP using your skills to demonstrate what you know about Elixir and remembering a passion and desire to work with the language and company is crucial.

So now Let’s start talking about HOW TO!! 😁

Where to start?

I am going to give you a checklist for you to organize to get your job with Elixir

  • [ ] At least one year of experience with another language
  • [ ] Understand how Elixir core (Elixir, Pattern Machines, OTP, Ecto, Phoenix) works
  • [ ] Create a good pitch about yourself in the third person
  • [ ] Write a cover letter
  • [ ] Create a Resume focused on Elixir
  • [ ] Prepare good questions for the interviewer
  • [ ] Be prepared to read, “We decided not to move forward with you.”
  • [ ] Send your Resume to companies that make sense for you.
  • [ ] Never Stop learning.

If you follow the steps above, I am almost 100% sure that you will get your first job.

Where do you see that people make this mistake the most?

I want to talk about the 5 biggest mistakes that people make.

Don’t feel prepared

I saw many people who did not know enough elixir but got their first job; I saw people who knew much more than me but got their first job because they knew he had to take the risk. So if that is your situation, set a date to start sending your Resumes.

Don’t study Elixir

You can get your first job, but without techniques and hard skills, it will be hard for people to hire you, and it will be challenging for companies to move forward with you as a candidate.

Don’t have a good Resume

Your Resume is very important to share with companies about how you helped them, remember you will be hired to solve the company’s problems using Elixir; if you don’t describe it well, how will other companies feel comfortable solving their problems?

Don’t study Algorithms

I know it sucks, but in some interviews, they will ask you to solve algorithms problems because they want to understand how fast you think to solve problems. Algorithms are fundamental to help you with interviews, understand and solve issues.

Don’t do minimal research about the company.

Yes, you need to research the company, why it exists, its culture, how you can help the company, and especially, create good questions about its main problems and how you can help them. IT will show your desire to work with them to solve their problems using your skills.

Wrap up

I shared with you some principles to get your first job with Elixir and would like to share where you can search.